What are the precautions for using pesticides?

Author:Henan sigma Biotechnology Co., Ltd Release time:2021-05-16

Pesticides and insecticides have been heard in our daily life, which can eliminate diseases and insect pests. However, we should pay attention to the use method and correct use when using them. Next, let's take you to understand the precautions when using pesticides and insecticides!

Before use, to check whether the pesticide is invalid, you can check from the appearance, dry powder can check whether it is affected with moisture; Wet powder class to add a small amount of water to stir, check the agent precipitation effect; Emulsion can see whether there is delamination, delamination is failure. In the deployment, it is necessary to deploy in strict accordance with the instructions, carefully weigh the dosage and the amount of water, and then dilute the mother liquor. Increasing or reducing the dosage at will will have a significant impact on the efficacy, and even lead to drug harm.

Different pest control period are different, according to the specific situation to choose the appropriate period of control, can play a good control effect. The sprayer with smaller droplet should be selected for spraying bactericide, and the sprayer with larger droplet can be selected for insecticide. In the use of the process, to take into account the weather, temperature and other factors. Triazophos pesticide can not be used on sugarcane, which is easy to cause pesticide damage. It is easy to cause harm to cotton, beans and potatoes by using insecticides with two or three components, and it is also easy to cause harm to Cruciferae by using insecticides in high humidity season.

Because some components of pesticide meet with light easily decompose, crops should avoid using under strong light conditions, and do not use watermelon in growth stage, radish and leafy vegetable seedling stage. When applying pesticides, spraying pesticides at different times should be carried out according to different seasons. In summer and autumn high temperature season, the time of pesticide application should be around 9:00 in sunny days and after 4:00 in the afternoon. In winter, spring and low temperature season, the time of pesticide application is 2:30-3:30 in the afternoon. After the pesticide is used, the remaining products shall be kept reasonably. They shall be placed in a dry and light-proof environment, and shall not be stored with inflammable and explosive materials.

The above is the use of pesticides precautions, I hope the above content can help you, welcome to inquire!